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stepLINKS of the Day

November 21st, 2011

Who cares what I have to say. This site is going no where. So I am going to go eat donuts and drink cheap wine, knowing I’m going to back updating tomorrow for no fucking reward or reason, just hate and force of habbit…Going nowhere fast. Actually I am going no where very very slow….But I did go to the ghetto mall to check out old fat women to make myself feel better….but instead felt at home…Yes, I’ve become and old fat women. I think it’s time to fuck a hooker.

Here are the stepLINKS….

The Katy Perry Heidi Klum Kiss

Christina Aguilera is Slowly Morphing Into a Fat Black Lady

Live Cam Shows. Have Fun

Homeless Man with a Crazy Voice

The Hottest Pictures of the 13 Hottest YouTube Celebrities

Miranda Kerr For Terry RIchardson

Some Keira Knightley

Gordon Ramsey Dirty Talker Edit

Crazy Fucking Hailstorm

This Horse Can Dance Better Than You Can – VIDEO

Kari Sweets is Sweet

Six “Groundbreaking” Horror Films That Stole Their Plot From Other Horror Films

The 50 Hottest Celebrity Twitpics

Sarah Hyland Is A Hot Young Piece

The Kardashian Whores Are Whoring Something Else

Free Cam Shows. Check It Out

Fucking Her Pussy With a Banana

Selena Gomez is Playing Dress Up With Justin Beiber

25 Hottest NBA Fan Photos

AnnaLynne McCord Hairy Upskirt

Katy Perry is Weird Looking

Taylor Swift’s O Faces – a Gallery

WTF Photo of the Day

Vanessa Minnillo is now Vanessa Lachey – Looking Hot

Angry French Farmers Do Star Wars

Prostitutes On Google Street View

One-Time Doesn’t Play: Man Gets Sentenced To 80 Years In Jail For Using Fake Money To Buy A Hot Dog!

She’s Getting Fucked on Top of the Desk – VIDEO

Top 10 Superbad Vulva Tattoos

Gia Lashay is Sexy By the Pool

South Park on the Penn State Controversy

Salma Hayek @ “Puss in Boots” Premiere

Blonde Teen Brandi Brings the Hotness

Annebelle Strips by the Sea

Imogen Thomas Works Out in a Sports Bra

Ridiculous Cat Fight – VIDEO

Jennifer Lopez, Just Because

Irina Shayk Was at Some French Thing

Kristen Stewart Gets Seriously Leggy On Conan

Kelly Clarkson is a Fat Lesbian

Annalynne McCord in a Titty Dress

MTV is Going to Do a Ryan Dunn Tribute Show

How To Park a Porsche

Comedian On Charities

Puma Parkour

Chloe Simms Big Fake British Tits. Teeth Are Real.

Audrina Patridge Brings Her Wonky Tits To The AMA’s

Sofia Vergara Probably Sucks At Sucking Cock

Yummm… Eat Up Kids

Someone Needs To Call The Cops Of Christina Aguilera

Revisiting Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore’s Romantic Twitter Pics. LMAO!!!

Beyonce Mourns The Death Of Ghadafi’s Son

Best Spiral Drawing You Will Ever Fucking See


:::::::FROM THE FORUM:::::::

Elizabeth Olsen Naked in a Movie

Katy Perry Big Tits in Concert

Sofia Vergara Rocking Some Big Old Tits

Adriana Lima’s See Through Panty Close Up

Selena Gomez Bikini Ass and Titties – Hot.



Kristen Wiig In Lingerie for GQ of the Day

November 21st, 2011

GQ did a feature called the Men of the Year….Sadly I wasn’t featured because I get no respect, I no mainstream appeal, I pretty much don’t exist, I don’t even get emails, etc.

To do their best to make it as non gay as possible, because if we’re reading articles abou the best men of the year, we need some tits peppered in the shit, so that it doesn’t make readers feel homo….

For the John Hamm Men of the Year profile, they got Kristen Wiig, the writer and star of Bridesmaid into some lingerie….

Not entirely hot, but I figured I’d post it anyway, even though GQ doesn’t pay me, but should.

Next time there should be less lingerie and more – on all fours.

Via GQ

Sofia Vergara Titties for Happy Feet Premiere of the Day

November 21st, 2011

I don’t know why anyone cares about this busty Colombian in her 40s…Oh right cuz Hollywood is a vapid, lifeless, pile of trash that for some reason a huge percentage of people care about for no reason other than their mindless heads only know how to process network television messages of what to buy, what to like, who to find hot….it’s a real fucking problem….but at least she’s got tits to distract us from the truth…that’s exactly why they use her…I’m trapped. Bastards.

Leona Lewis Big Tits of the Day

November 21st, 2011

I have no idea why I am posting these pictures of Leona Lewis and I have nothing to say about Leona Lewis….Except maybe that her bleeding love song is creepy as fuck and highly erotic to serial rapists…or people with those kinds of fantasies …and anyone who caters to those weirdos, that violent, depraved market, and who doesn’t get censored because bleeding love is subtle enough to get the point across without saying “unwanted sex that results in vaginal tearing”…..and can be disguised as passion but the whole thing doesn’t sit well with me….

Oh right, I uploaded thes pics cuz of her titties…

Jennifer Love Shouldn’t Leave The House if Not in Bandage Dresses of the Day

November 21st, 2011

Here are some pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt proving a simple life lesson to sub-par women everywhere…Never leave the house unless you’re dolled up in spanx and a bandage dress with your fat tits spilling out in a smoke and mirror effort to look better this…cuz like Kim Kardashian, no one wants to see you like this, all dumpy, with no make-up and a real clever literal shirt, in a “my name’s love and this shirt says love, OMG I NEED IT” kind of obnoxious way…that you probably like cuz it reminds you of 5 year olds….but that reminds me of a dumpy bitch hiding her dumpy body and trying to make you focus on her shirt and not her really old, un-made-up just been cummed on face…Which may be hot to you, but is probably just good to laugh at for he normal people who hate this priviledged cunts.

Kate Winslet Likes Child Rapists of the Day

November 21st, 2011

I get that Roman Polanski is a cinematic genius who was just fucked up when his wife and their unborn baby was killed by Charles Manson, so fucked up that he did the natural thing guys do when they are at their lowest, and fed a teen drugs and had sex with her, forcing him to flee the country and live in exile in Switzerland, never to return because it is not worth getting arrested for….

I also get that you can’t judge a man by his sexual dysfunction, I mean if we did, we wouldn’t have priests to talk to, elementary school teachers to teach or kids, birthday party clowns….or gays and lesbian friends.

But I like to point and laugh when actors or other people are hamming it up with perverts and kissing them like they aren’t perverts because it is a political move for their careers, because the man is a genius, without realizing all the Christians back in America, who are likely perverts themselves, just oppresed properly, are going to be offended by her being so Euro and lax about sex offenders….cuz Europe remains far cooler than America on all levels….

Here are the pics of her Titanic Mom Tits in a Tight Dress

stepNEWS of the Day

November 21st, 2011

Here’s the news…I use this post to give the site purpose…see cuz all that other celebrity shit just doesn’t matter at all…it is noise to an otherwise beautiful world….

Toys R Us Refuses To Take Dirty Talking Dolls Off Shelves
Shoppers swear that the You & Me Talking Triplets dolls are using foul language.

Best Eye Witness Acct. Of The Week
“It went pow. Then I heard another pow”

CA Teacher Suspend For Running Porn Site From Work
A California teacher has been suspended from work for running her school issued computer to run provocative website.

School Principal Resigns After Sexting College Intern
40-year-old Deer Path Middle School Principal John Steinert resigned Sunday after mounting pressure and anger from Lake Forest parents over a sexting case.

Fake doctor injected woman’s butt with cement and tire sealant
A Florida transgender man living as a woman is facing charges of practicing medicine without a license after allegedly injecting a substance containing cement, oil, a tire sealant and super glue into a woman’s buttocks. #tranny problems

Teacher Calls Cops After Seeing Boy And Girl Kiss
A Florida teacher called police when she saw a 12-year-old boy and girl kiss in gym class because she thought it was a sex crime.

TN Man Assaults Mother With Ham

Student Sues Coach For Calling Him A ‘Future Welfare Recipient’
After two years of harassment by a coach a high school student has finally had enough.


WIld End To CA Pursuit Of Pantsless Suspect

New York Sex Shop Workers Killed
Police say a man was killed at an adult video store in Brooklyn early Saturday morning


Woman Arrested For False Stalking Claim in Pennsylvania
A woman who claimed one cop stalked and assaulted her while another falsely detained her is under arrest herself.

AnnaLynne McCord Ass in Riding Pants of the Day

November 21st, 2011

Whenever I see riding pants I think of luxury…you know high society people in their high society places doing high society things with their million dollar horses….like some kind of secret society for the elite….that was until today…because today….Annalynne McCord is wearing the shit….all jacked up her ass….even though the only thing she should be known for riding is a couple of producers and possibly a sybian in the corner of the party…because she’ll do anything for attention….and unfortunalely…I’ll do anything for tight pants.

Gillian Zinser Some 90210 Bottome Feeder in Leather Pants of the Day

November 21st, 2011

Her name is Gillian Zinser. She’s some nobody and her biggest accomplishment in her career was that she went from guest appearance on 90210 the Next Generation to being a fulltime cast member something most people would be humilated about…you know if they were serious actors…but instead are just bottom feeding trash who belong on shows like Jersey Shore or The Hills…so this is a nice opportunity cuz it keeps them out of turning to porn…even though the face that 90210 The Next Generation exists is a fucking mystery to everyone with half a brain…..

The good news is that they are already into their third season, which means they will run out of ideas soon and it will be pulled, but in the meantime, here is this bitch in some leather pants, not being as erotic as you’d think leather pants would be, I guess because you’re not there to smell the smells unbreathable fabrics produce…..

Who cares.

Sluts at the Gossip Girl 100th Episode Party of the Day

November 21st, 2011

Gossip Girl celebrated their 100th episode in what I can only imagine is their last season….because just 2 years ago, when this shit first hit, I heard eighteen year old girls everywhere I went, because like a hunter, I follow the herds to be near the prey, in a more perverted way than an actual hunter, with less blood unless they are virgins….but that’s not the point…the point is that they used to talk about this shit with excitement and joy, but I haven’t heard the shit mentioned in at least a year…there are no facebook statuses saying “OMG Gotta Watch Gossip Girl OMG”….it’s like no one cares about these cunts but they are throwing a party for the shit anyway and here are the sluts who were in attendence…

Blake “the Birds Rerpesent Famous A-Lister Hands….She’s Deep Like That” Lively

Leighton “not as Hot as Blake – always in her shadow – but still better off than when she was in fetis videos” Meester……..

Nan “No On’e Ever Heard Of But Should Cuz That Ass in a Tight Dress Makes Me Want to Move to China” Zhang

Ashley Greene Slutty Lie in Esquire Mexico of the Day

November 21st, 2011

It makes me laugh that this twilight star ever pretended to be wholesome, or good, or christian when staging a relationship with the Jonas Brother…when you know the whole reason she’s famous is cuz she fucks and cuz people want to fuck her…

So this slutty but good christian girl who lives a life in god’s image and practices abstinence until she is married, at least in theory, because that is what she says for her PR campaign….when saying that alone should make her burn in hell for lying to the church and the people in efforts of landing fans and broadening her scope as an celebrity….to one deeper rooted than just being on Twilight….

I hate how Christian America pretends to be, when it is filled with sin….lies…corruption….greed and everything else totally unchristian…Drop the act and turn the world into one big brothel…like Ashley Greene is turning this magazine into a brothel…all titty and slutty and enjoyable to look at….even if she’s a criminal to the church….amongst all the other criminals in the church….so I guess it isn’t a big deal…not that I ever thought it was…

Alex Pier Naked for S Magazine of the Day

November 21st, 2011

There isn’t a lot of information about this model, her name is Alex Pier, I have no idea where she’s from or what she’s done. I don’t know how old she is or what her measurements are. I don’t know what agency she is with, or why she isn’t a Victoria’s Secret model, because unlike all the other Victoria’s Secret models, this model has tits, and as much as I love all models, I also love tit….so seeing this Alex bitch getting naked for fashion, brings hope that one day skinny bitches everywhere will be busty and willing to get naked for fashion like it was Playboy, vagina and pubic hair exposed and all, but not considered a pornstar, because instead they are “models”….a hypocrisy that is amazing….

So here is Alex Pier, her big nipples, in S Magazine.

Taylor Momsen in Lingerie for Something Asian of the Day

November 21st, 2011

I have no idea when this is from, or why this exists, but I know that any company that puts an underage girl in a lace leotard lingerie looking at herself in the mirror like she’s about to masturbate, even if only for a glimpse, is awesome to me, but then I remembered that Taylor Momsen isn’t underage at all…She’s 18 and her getting in lingerie doesn’t matter, cuz long and thin or not, she looks like Gaga’s sister and she was more half naked, controversial, sexual when she was 16, an age people care about girls being sluts….but I’ll post the pic anyway….cuz I figure never too old to get half naked….that’s part of the reason I sneak into old folks homes at bath time.

American Music Awards Went Down of the Day

November 21st, 2011

The American Music Awards are the worst pile of shit on TV, It is paid for by the record companies and advertisers…making it one big, tacky ad for crap that pollutes our lives….

This shit has always been shit, they even used to invite me to attend and no one else ever does that…making me realize just how useless they are…and even worse now that Dick Clark is dead, or near dead, or on life support machies….

I used to live blog every Award show, but they are all they same….so I find bettter ways to entertain myself…like posing naked in front of the mirror, it’s comical.

There was not one single good song, I don’t care how big Mark Anthony’s forehead vein is, I don’t care how bad Justin Beiber and Will Smith’s kid dance with LMFAO and I don’t care how many old clips they throw in trying us to remember the glory days when the AMA mattered….I don’t care how many tight outfits old lady J.Lo squeezes into, or how many latex dresses X-Tina pushing walmart cashier fatness goes through…I don’t care if Katy Perry pretends to play the guitar for a song she’s trying to pull the heart strings with even though she has no soul…I don’t care how stupid her hair is, or how tight her dress is, or how bloated her uterus is…I don’t care if Will.I.Am pretends he is Daft Punk hiring that theatre droop that does those in the dark choreography….and I don’t care about badly written jokes, no matter how much cleavage is there….

The entertainment industry fucking sucks…we need to make good music popular again…seriously…this shit is out of hand…here’s some pussy at the event/performing badly at the event, cuz this is what I do….

You know we are in shit when Katy Perry is the best performance of the night when she sucks….on all levels, is dumpy and makes me want to kill….

This is the one event they should have a terroist attack on….would save the day….and possibly the world….


Vanessa Minnillo who Calls Herself Vanessa Lachay Cuz I Guess She’s Married to Jessica Simpson’s Ask…How Don’t I know this, where was I sleeping, what rock was I under, oh right, I don’t give a shit, cuz she doesn’t matter, but she does use “sick” to describe good things like a teen girl…and she does fuck in hot tubs….and she does look good in this dress….but I still don’t give a shit….s

Audrina Patridge Gets Invited Somewhere and Brings Out Her Tits….

Anne V is a Lingerie Model….

Jennifer Hudson Manorexia

Selena Gomez Looks Uncomfortable Being a Pedophile….It’s like keep this behind closed doors I don’t wanna go to jail even though I look 12 shit…

Taylor Swift Makin Proper Blowjob Faces

Katy Perry Shitty Clown Style Remembered She Had Tits….

She also performed and looked like an pink idiot….but brought out her tits…and was unfortunately the best show of the night – cuz everyone is even a bigger pile of shit than her…

Christina Aguilera Was There Looking Fat as Precious in Latex, squeezing out from every angle, which is good if you only look at her tits, so much strapping to make the pig look like a lady….Fast Forward to 2:21


J.Lo was There in Exteme Spandex to hold in her mom body…she’s in her 40s…and that makes her performances awkward at best…But the Highlight Is The Fat Back-Up Dancer – he’s on some X-Tina’s Routine…she’s a little old for this…milking being latino….annoying

That’s enough of my AMA mega post.

Girls Putting Condoms on With their Mouths Fetish Videso on Youtube of the Day

November 21st, 2011

I don’t know why anyone would get off to girls putting condoms on with their mouth…I get that it is a hooker move to keep the whole condom thing sexy…even though condoms are never sex….except maybe if you’re fucking a hooker in a outbreak….in which case it is just the smart choice….but I guess I am a negative thinker…maybe the condom being applied with mouth is after blowjob, and not before, because condom on during blowjobs suck more than condoms with sex, becuase when sober, condoms during sex makes sense with all the aids out there, a sense that disappears when drunk and at college parties…..either way, the videos are on youtube and they are inappropriate as fuck…so inappropriate that if I posted it on FB they’d delete me.

I bet this fatty wishes the condom was cake…

Wow…Experienced Old Condom User


Good Try

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